Monday 21 April 2008

Bournemouth to Brighton 2008Bournemouth to Brighton 2008

Left QuoteAt 11am on 7th March 2007, 26 windsurfers set off from Bournemouth beach with one intention ... to sail 107 miles to Brighton. The weather wasn't kind and the wind was a Westerley gusting 55 knots, which lead to a gruelling downwind marathon.


Most people made it as far as the first stop at Christchurch, and with further stops at Calshot, Hayling Island, Pagham, Felpham and Hove, the numbers dwindled, leaving just three windsurfers making it all the way to Brighton around 8:30pm!


The event's being run again this year, slightly later to encourage more pleasant weather. There's no fees, and no registration. Just turn up on the first windy day after 24th of June, and sail as far as you can.

The Bournemouth to Brighton Blast is organised by Guy Cribb who says the following:

"The event format is put your phone in a waterproof bag, stay close to the shore and just windsurf as far as you can. When you're knackered come ashore and phone your friend who will be driving your car along the coast."

So it's a difficult and dangerous windsurfing challenge? I like it, count me in! The only problem is that I don't have anyone that can drive along the coast. I need to look into this ...Right Quote

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