Thursday 12 June 2008

ITA SubmittedITA Submitted

Left QuoteThis is definitely the expensive stage.

We've had our x-rays taken, given blood and urine, been weighed, measured, tested, examined and questioned ... and have received our "all clear" police reports, so it's finally time to send everything back.

I had to make a couple of changes to the original EOI form, as well as inform INZ that we'll be getting married before the visa process is completed. That, combined with passports, medical & x-ray forms, relationship evidence, work experience evidence, full birth certificates, police reports etc (178 pieces of paper, and 15 photos in all) made for one almighty package to send.

Cost so far: £165
New payments:

  • £16 (passport photos)
  • £160 (chest x-ray x2)
  • £70 (police report x2)
  • £258 (adult medical x2)
  • £70 (child medical)
  • £246 (6 blood tests x2)
  • £52 (full birth certificate x2)
  • £685 (Submission fee)
  • £8.20 (next day delivery!)

OuchRight Quote

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