Friday 02 May 2008

Windsurfing in AdvertisingWindsurfing in Advertising

Left QuoteSo there I was, at work, idly thumbing through the 17 April 2008 edition of Computing, and there's this full-page advert for a security provider with the line "I am fearless".


Shame they had to remove the Mistral and Naish logos, but a quick look at their website shows the original of the photo, logos a-blazin'


Imagine my surprise later on in the same week, I see this Land Rover advert in the May 2008 Top Gear magazine, with the strapline "When you're trapped in the office all week, it's only natural to go wild at the weekend."


Nice obvious advert for the Tushingham Storm and Starboard Pure Acid 80 too.

Two adverts in two very different magazines, both relating windsurfing to being "fearless" and "wild". Not bad for a sport in it's decline ...Right Quote

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